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Get Your Tv Mount Activated & Installed

Where is tv Activate code?


Open the com tv app on your Tv or device.


Select “Register on the com tv activate website.


On the left side of the screen, you’ll see your FUBO.TV/CONNECT code.

Prioritizing Your TV Mounting Requirements

To ensure that we design and create an inspiring, joyful, and comfortable space, we work closely with our clients. Every design should, in our opinion, reflect you and your distinct personality. We’re here to offer you a safe, orderly, and expert TV installation and wall mounting service.

We support a variety of TV brands, such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and many more. Our qualified technicians have five years of experience working in the field and a broad range of technical expertise with many different brands.

All TV types, including flat LCD and even curved screens, can be fitted and installed by our company. Small (42″), medium (42″ – 64″), and large (64″ and up) TV sizes are all covered.

You can count on receiving a comprehensive service from knowledgeable, amiable, and professional technicians when you use our A/V services. allowing you to enjoy all the new features your TV has to offer while being completely installed and securely mounted on your wall.

Here are your options if you need a TV connection.

Complete Motion Mount

These TV mounts can tilt, swivel, extend, and retract in all directions, making them the best option for the majority of homes. They are advised when multiple viewing positions are desired or when it is challenging to place a TV correctly due to a wall corner, room shape, or window location.

Tilt Mount

For better viewing from a couch, bed, or floor, these TV mounts can be tilted up or down. They are advised when multiple viewing angles are desired or when reflections from windows or lighting make it difficult to watch TV.

Fixed Mount

The sleek, thin lines of flat-screen TVs are maximised by these low-profile TV mounts, which attach almost flush to the wall. They are advised when the TV must be set up at a fixed height and close to the wall. They are a good option as well if you prefer to have your view directly in front of your seating area and at eye level.

tv mount

Best Mount for TV Connect: FUBO TV CONNECT

The EchoGear EGLF2 Wall Mount is among the best articulating mounts available if you have a large TV. This highly regarded wall mount can support flat-screen TVs up to 125 pounds in weight and 42 to 90 inches in size, which pretty much covers every TV on the market. This EchoGear mount feels less rigid and is easier to manoeuvre than cheaper models. Additionally, it has a built-in knob that enables tilt adjustment without an Allen key. This wall mount can tilt up by 5 degrees and down by 15 degrees, and it can swivel up to 65 degrees left or right. Additionally, it can be extended up to 22 inches from the wall before retracting to a low profile of 2.4 inches. Wall studs spaced between 16 and 24 inches apart can be used with this mount. It can also be mounted on brick or concrete, but the necessary hardware is not included. Your TV can be turned up to three degrees in either direction after mounting.

The best TV mount for managing cables is the Kanto PDX650

The Kanto PDX650 is one of the best full-motion TV mounts you can buy if you want a tidy home theatre setup. This mount makes it simple to maintain your wires neatly and orderly behind your TV thanks to its integrated cable-management system. If you want to conceal your wires in the wall, the open-frame design also gives you more room to add a power extender kit behind your TV.

full-motion TV mounts
MantelMount MM340

Best TV Mount for Over a Fireplace: MantelMount MM340

Even though mounting your TV above a fireplace is not recommended, there are times when there is no other choice. The MantelMount MM340 is one of the best pull-down TV mounts available in that situation. You can move your TV in front of your fireplace by using the device, which can extend up to 19 inches from the wall and then lower your TV by 27 inches. Two gas pistons on this wall mount make it simple for anyone in your family to pull the TV down. Additionally, the mount has two handles at the bottom, so you can pull your TV down without touching the screen. To ensure that your TV never bumps into your mantle or scratches your walls, it even has features like vertical stop, swivel stop, and auto-straightening.


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